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Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser with Infrared Motion Sensor, no touch operation can avoid cross infection effectively. Makes your family especially kids more enjoying washing hands and keep your family healthy. Compatible with liquid detergent, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, etc.
l Capacity: 33.8oz / 1000ml
l Dimension: 4.8″ x 4.2″ x 10.3″
l Sensor range: 1.9” ~ 2.7”
l Battery Operated: 4*C batteries(not included)


Touchless and Automatic Soap Dispenser Makes Your Family Safe!
  • Automatic and Touchless Soap Dispenser – Built-in accurate infrared motion and precise sensor detection technology, the sensor dispenser detects your hand from as far away as 1.96 inches, no touch operation provides for easy, hygienic dispensing of soap and avoid cross infection effectively.
  • Large Capacity&Waterproof Design – 1000ml/33.8oz big volume container can avoid frequent soap replacement from 0. 03~0. 05 oz. per activation can stop wasting.This automatic soap dispenser adopts IPX3 waterproof material to prevent from touching liquid and avoid battery corrosion in water.
  • No Punching&Wall Mounted – Provided with sticker, you can install the hand soap dispenser on smooth wall surface in 1 minute. With adhesive sticker, you don’t need to drill on the wall.
  • Wide Applications – touch free soap dispenser Suitable for bathroom of home and public places, such as schools, hospitals, shopping mall etc. Also can be used as dish soap dispenser for kitchen, hands free sanitizer in office.
  • Satisfaction Promise – Please feel free to contact us if you have any question with our product and we will replace or return unconditional. WELCOME TO VISIT OUR STORE, YOU WILL FIND DIFFERENT SURPRISES.


11 reviews for Automatic Soap Dispenser

  1. minstingbridis

    This was a perfect fit for my classroom! It will allow my students to sanitize safely!

  2. distrosighgar

    My Simple Human dispenser was a gift from my son and daughter and I really liked it but unfortunately it stopped working after several years☹️ I didn’t even realize how much I used it – until it stopped working!!So after a lot of research I decided I liked the features and looks of this auto soap dispenser – I like the overall appearance, larger holding tank (33.8 oz) means less refilling, the clear grey window (easier to refill ) and the battery compartment being located in the back of it vs the bottom (less chance of the batteries getting wetI’ve only had it about 2 months – but so far I really like it — it’s a keeper😃

  3. izstepabel

    Very impressed with this soap dispenser. Packaging was perfect, the dispenser was well protected. Comes with a warranty card. Installation was easy, put in 4 AAA batteries and unscrew the cap to put in your favorite soap or hand sanitizer.There are two dispenser settings, the first is short and works great with regular soap. The second is longer and would probably work best for hand sanitizer or soap that is not concentrated. Both settings are very responsive and quickly dispense soap when motioned.I am using this at my kitchen sink to wash my hands while cooking without spreading any bacteria from raw meats.

  4. narcpaldiostom

    A while back I purchased a soap dispenser. It was expensive and it only lasted 3 months. The soap was messy. When I saw this auto soap dispenser I thought I would give it a try. It was so easy to use. It was made with the clear tank in the front where you could easily see how much soap was in it. Also what a surprise to see that it had a light so when it was dark you could see.Having a hands free dispenser is very important especially now. The price was very good too. I highly recommend this dispenser. I am going to buy another one because it is well worth it.

  5. Lydia C

    Big container inside. The sensor is good. One thing need to be careful is do not too close to reflection surface. Otherwise the sensor will light on and soap will keep coming out. It uses batteries which is what I like because I don’t have outlet close to my sink. Also, wall mount is good for my narrow sink edge.

  6. holighmafi

    I have a day care so the automatic soap dispenser is used frequently every day! This is so far the best touchless soap dispenser I have bought. It is also hidden from sight so my day care kids don’t have buttons to push to mess with it like other models they would push the buttons on the top all the time resetting the amount or turning it on and off. It holds a good amount of soap so refilling it is less frequent as well. I have had it less than 1 months and so far no issues, would definitely buy this again.

  7. salmadonsi

    I would love to rave that this product is one of the few that I was able to find that actually lets you control the amount of soap you want to dispense. There is 2 levels, but most average people will probably use the lowest if they are just washing their hands. All other ones have been such a struggle because they dispense more than a dime size of soap requiring more refilling and more waste of soap. The item itself looks perfectly on my kitchen and feels sturdy and not flimsy or easily breakable.It is battery powered, but it seems to be lasting me after using the product for quite a bit. Much appreciated.

  8. ndeldobarea

    This automatic soap dispenser is extremely easy to set up and use. Just stick a few AAA batteries into the compartment, attach the bottom part, pour soap in the top compartment, and you’re good to go! If your hand goes anywhere under the spout, the sensor automatically turns red and the liquid soap squirts out. I love this soap dispenser and I use natural castile soap with water in it. You can adjust how much comes out and the sensor allows the soap to stop dispensing when you take your hand away. It works perfectly!

  9. Christy

    This soap dispenser is actually very convenient if you own a establishment of some sort. It’s great for the pandemic right now as it isn’t hand pressed, and it actually looks nice. The size of it is also pretty big so there is more storage than other ones. Overall pretty good buy.

  10. Zoey

    Very easy to install, the item itself is not heavy. The motion sensor is perfectly good, not too sensitive.Like it. Will buy more for front door.

  11. SDgal2019

    With Covid and other germs, having a touchless soap dispenser is a MUST. This is Very convenient as it’s mounted to the wall. The size of liquid soap it holds is great for commercial use as I use this in our office bathroom. Also this is no soap mess, no waste – perfect for kids as well! I also loved that Sensor is perfect so you dont have to touch it. Great material. Wont rust. Easily filled. Can’t go wrong.

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